Gift of life

“Gift Of Life”is an ongoing project of Rotary Club of Coimbatore Saicity, which started as a joint venture project in 2002 with Gift Of Life Foundation, USA.

It’s mission is to save lives of underprivileged children with heart problems.

The main beneficiaries have been children from Tamil Nadu and Kerala. As per statistics, 8 out of 1000 children suffer from congenital heart diseases in India due to economic constraints and ignorance. The cost of treatment is around Rs.80,000 /- to Rs.1,00,000 /- per child and therefore unaffordable for most of the underprivileged peoples. when left untreated, the affected children will die sooner or later.

Since Nov 2002, till date we have completed 800+ Surgeries with the support from leading Hospitals like Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Rotary Foundation, Our own Club Members and several Philanthropists.

The project is managed and executed by members of Rotary club of Coimbatore Saicity, and is funded by members of Saicity, Grants, Donors and Trusts.

Reflecting the International Spirit of Rotary this project has benefited 30+ children from other countries like Philippines, Bangladesh and Cambodia

Saicity - Ithayam

Saicity –IDYAM Project was launched in 2007, to fulfill the needs of childrens with Heart defects, with the help of local Trusts and donors. Around 250+ children have been benefited till date.

Mission Ahead - 1000 Surgeries

Let us engage Rotary to reach out to those unprivileged children suffering from heart diseases to change their lives by giving them a new lease of life.
“It’s now Time to Open your Heart for Child’s Heart

Land mark of GOL

  • RC Coimbatore Saicity was the first in India to receive $ 50000 as matching Grants for 100 surgeries in 2002
  • Saicity –IDYAM Project launched in 2007 funded by local donors to our trust has benefited 250+ children without any matching Grants.
  • By June 2013, 700 Surgeries had been completed using ten matching Grants worth $ 360,000 (Indian Rs 2,26,80,000) Gift Of Life is the only project in RI to receive 10 matching Grants to save children with Heart ailment.
  • R C SAICITY’S all time giving to TRF is as of now $200,000 mainly to fund matching Grants.
  • Out of 14 matching Grants, 8 are with RI Dist 7250 and a Total of $ 612,291 received till date. A Global Grant for $ 60,531 was received to treat exclusively children from Philippines in 2015/16

2017 -2018 Plan
(Started with 800+ surgeries, and this year we plan to complete 1000 surgeries)

8 out of 1000 children in India suffer from congenital heart disease .The cost of treatment is around $ 1000 to $ 1700 ( Indian Rs 65,000 to Rs 1,10,000) per child and therefore unaffordable for most of the under privileged families. when left untreated the affected children die sooner or later. Your support can really be a
 “GIFT OF LIFE” to a child.