“SAICARE” is our Signature Project – 3, jointly with Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Oncology Department in Coimbatore formally launched in Jan 2016 for the deserving cancer affected patients to attend proper guidance and help them in therapies and medication required for their treatment.

Cancer Statistics in India Estimated number of people living with the disease: around 2.5 million

  • Every year, new cancer patients registered: Over 7 lakh
  • Cancer-related deaths: 5,56,400

Deaths in the age group between 30-69 years

Total: 3,95,400 (71% of all cancer related deaths)

  • Men: 2,00,100
  • Women: 1,95,300

Cancers of oral cavity and lungs in males and cervix and breast in females account for over 50% of all cancer deaths in India.
The top five cancers in men and women account for 47.2% of all cancers; these cancers can be prevented, screened for and/or detected early and treated at an early stage]. This could significantly reduce the death rate from these cancers.

“SAICARE” Our AIM is to make their life better by giving support and spreading awareness through campaign. So far 11 patients have been benefited through this project this year.